I write things sometimes! Topics can range anywhere from technical to personal and everything in between. I probably write the most about programming and the way I look at and feel about it. I don't post very often, but I do try to post when I get the chance. Here's all of the things that I've written to date in order from most to least recent.

Bridging the System Configuration Gap
I recently gave a talk at NEPLS on research that enables sysadmins to update high-level system configurations from the shell.
Recreating Creatures, Pt. 1
I design a basic, but flawed creature simulator with a brain and biochemistry.
Recreating Creatures
In this series, I'll detail my process in recreating Creatures, a classic alife game.
Meet Them Where They Are
I respond to a friend's post about tool choice with my own input on the matter.
A Brief History of Pdgn
I detail the whole history of the Pdgn IRC network as it is now.
Going Static
After a year of running Ghost, I made a new static site with Hakyll.
Worker Appreciation Day
I wrote an opinion editorial for The Daily Collegian about UMass dining workers.
Another Great Migration
I migrated my blog from Heroku to a DigitalOcean box.
Summer's Gone
I lament my lack of open source development over the summer, and discuss my new goals.
Write-Up: λ1
I detail the solution to the HSCTF Haskell reversing problem entitled 'λ1'.
Write-Up: awe
I detail the solution to my HSCTF recon problem entitled 'awe'.
HSCTF Write-Ups
I ran an algorithms and computer security competition called HSCTF. Here's how it went.
Return of the Blog
After a series of technical difficulties with Heroku, I was able to upgrade Ghost.
Namecheap and CloudFlare
I moved my domain registrations to NameCheap, and started using CloudFlare for DNS.
Powered by Ghost
I abandoned my custom Ruby site, and launched a new site with Ghost.
Yet Another Little Project
I made a small website that displays whether or not it's my high school graduation day.
I designed a small webapp to display the books I've read.
The Psychology of an ENFP Programmer
I take an introspective look at what about programming motivates me.