I write things sometimes! This place used to be a mess of pretty low quality content, but now I'm trying to produce better posts about programming languages, academia, and occasionally politics. Updates will probably still be sporadic, but hopefully a lot better!

Bridging the System Configuration Gap
I recently gave a talk at NEPLS on research that enables sysadmins to update high-level system configurations from the shell.
A Brief History of Pdgn
I detail the whole history of the Pdgn IRC network as it is now.
Worker Appreciation Day
I wrote an opinion editorial for The Daily Collegian about UMass dining workers.
Write-Up: λ1
I detail the solution to the HSCTF Haskell reversing problem entitled 'λ1'.
Write-Up: awe
I detail the solution to my HSCTF recon problem entitled 'awe'.
HSCTF Write-Ups
I ran an algorithms and computer security competition called HSCTF. Here's how it went.