I’m Aaron Weiss! I’m a third-year student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, slated to graduate in the spring. I’m interested in using type systems and formal methods to build better tools and languages for software engineers. I’m also an open source software developer with roughly a decade of experience. My favorite languages are Scala, Rust, and Haskell, but I’ve also got a lot of experience with Java, JavaScript, C, and OCaml.

I’m a research assistant to Prof. Arjun Guha in the PLASMA research group. We’re working on solving interesting problems with techniques from programming language theory. My recent work has focused on static verification and synthesis of Puppet manifests. I used to work at a financial services startup called ProtoIPO designing user interfaces and experiences. You can find more information on my CV.

In my spare time, I’ll work on anything from websites to networking libraries to programming languages to video game server emulators. You can check out my work on GitHub. I also run my own IRC network in my free time called PdgnCo. It’s founded on democratic and anarchistic principles, and I operate it accordingly. I also spend some time blogging.

I’m a denizen of the web. If you’re looking to contact me, you can find me all over the place. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, and Keybase. You can also talk to me on FyreChat or PdgnCo as awe, or on freenode as aatxe. You can also email me at . You’ll probably find me elsewhere, too. Older accounts will be under the name aaronweiss74. More recent accounts will be under awe or aatxe.